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Everyday Australians worked hard, saved for their retirements and, bought an ACT Taxi Plate for approximately $250,000. The ACT Government’s market manipulation by flooding the market with more taxi plates and releasing them as their own at a value of only 25% of market rates means that families are in a catastrophic circumstances.


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Ibrahim lives with his wife who he supports, and 100% of their household income is from their taxi plate investment.

“I put my own hard earned money into taxi plates in a market that was regulated tightly by the ACT Government. I used to earn $20,000 per year from leasing my plate and now I earn $5,000 per year. I will have to continue working long after I had planned to retire as a result.”

Ibrahim’s physical health has declined because he has had to take on another job and work long hours to try and support his family, and this has had a big impact on his mental health too.

“Not a day goes by that I don’t think about the money I handed over to the ACT Government, and I feel so angry. How could the Government do this? Government’s are supposed to help the public, not think of ways to steal our money.”

“My health is being compromised due to stress.”

Narelle owns five taxi plates three of which have already been forced out of the market as a result of the ACT Government releasing more Government owned plates than the market can handle.

She has lost $1.1 million to the ACT...

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Minister Andrew Barr, Minister Gordon Ramsay and Minister Shane Rattenbury must take responsibility and give compensation to hard-working, law-abiding Australians.

Shane Rattenbury
Minister Shane Rattenbury

Andrew Barr
Minister Andrew Barr

Gordon Ramsay
Minister Gordon Ramsay



Dear Minister,

I have been informed of the serious social injustice that has befallen ACT Taxi Plate Owners from your policies that have devalued their investment.  

I support their “fair go: no theft” campaign. Minister, please reconsider the position of your government to ensure that ACT Taxi Plate Owners do not lose their superannuation, investments and livelihood. I support a sustainable taxi industry in Canberra and ask you to rectify this matter as a priority. 

I ask Minister Andrew Barr, Minister Gordon Ramsay and Minister Shane Rattenbury to right the wrong done to hard working law abiding tax paying Australians. Most importantly I seek much better consideration by the ACT Government on the issue and request that you advise me of:

1.     Whether you will provide compensation to ACT Taxi Plate Owners for the life changing losses you have created.  

2.     Whether you will create a level playing field between Uber and ACT Taxi’s.

3.     Whether you will find a solution to the substantial “Costs of Government” in the ACT.